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Why WB English Bulldogs?

Healthy Bulldog Puppies

Furthermore, our English Bulldog puppies are vaccinated; dewormed and free of any congenital disorders.   They’re friendly and family socialized; therefore our puppies will be your eternally loyal companion.

English Bulldogs Breeder in Dallas since 1998

We at WB English bulldogs take into consideration that all puppies we place in new homes must have excellent conformation, good health and amazing temperament.  That’s why since 1998 we have been professionally raising bulldogs, and to this date we stand as one of the best English bulldog breeders in Dallas, Texas.

Travel Nanny Services (Optional)

As experienced and reputable breeders; at WB English Bulldogs, we understand that the transportation of your English Bulldog puppy is one of the most important things.  That’s why we offer to arrange on your expense a professional cabin nanny service.

Our happy customers who chose our in cabin nanny services!


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What our Adopting Families say…

Great service and adorable puppies! NINA was available and able to answer any questions we had regarding our new puppy, even after bringing him home.

Breeders are very knowledgeable in their pups!


WB Bulldogs are incredible.  They’re everything you want from a puppy service.  Most importantly, they love dogs and it shows.  They’re great at communicating and following directions.  I can’t recommend more highly.


Amazing quality caring service, tried the rest, WB English bulldogs are most definitely the best, would not go anywhere else, lots of free advice, they genuinely care, thanks WB English bulldogs, hope to see you again!!!