While we extend the convenience of debit or credit card processing to ensure our puppies can swiftly transition to their new, loving homes, our operations as a dedicated family-oriented English bulldog breeder in Texas do have certain limitations. Specifically, our current infrastructure doesn’t support the creation of credit accounts for clients. This means that we’re unable to release an English bulldog puppy without securing the full payment upfront.

So, what’s the alternative for financing the cost?

Good news! To facilitate our valued clients, WB English bulldogs has initiated a new financing alternative. We’ve proudly partnered with Community Finance LLC to provide this option. If you navigate to our available puppies’ page, you’ll find a direct link leading to a financing application form. Upon completing and submitting this form, you can be eligible for a small loan from Community Finance LLC, which can be used to acquire one of our delightful English bulldog puppies.

What’s the approval duration?

Typically, the loan approval process via Community Finance LLC is quite efficient. In a majority of instances, loan applications receive a nod within a mere 24-hour window. For further clarity or if you’re harboring any queries regarding financing your soon-to-be furry family member, please don’t hesitate to ring us at 972-345-5676. We’re here to assist!

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