Shipping Policy

As experienced and reputable breeders, WB English bulldogs understand the intricacies of ensuring a safe and comfortable transportation for your English bulldog puppy. We recognize that transportation is one of the foremost concerns for new families selecting their new companion.

Transportation Considerations

WB English bulldogs meticulously evaluates factors such as breed conformation and prevailing temperatures before orchestrating the transportation of your cherished puppy. We proudly cater to clients across major cities in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Europe, ensuring that our puppies find a loving home, no matter the distance.

Professional Pet Nanny Service

Upon customer request and bearing associated costs, we are thrilled to offer our unique Professional Pet Nanny Service. Through this service, your English bulldog puppy will be escorted right from our Dallas residence to your nearest significant airport.

  • Costing: Predominantly, this in-cabin nanny service is available at $400 for most cities within the country. Please note, the final cost might see a slight rise based on the ultimate destination’s distance.
  • Experience: Our travel nanny is not only well-versed with the needs of the breed but is also an experienced pet handler. Thus, your puppy travels in cabin, ensuring maximum comfort and safety. And yes, this is not cargo shipping!

Direct Pickup Option

For those residing nearby or preferring a more personal approach, we also extend the option of picking up your puppy directly from our home in Dallas, Texas.

Get in Touch!

If you have any queries about our In-Cabin Nanny Services or the possibility of in-person pickups, don’t hesitate to call WB English bulldogs at
972-345-5676. Before making any purchase decisions on our website, we ardently advise ensuring all your concerns are addressed.

Your Dream Puppy Awaits

Distance should never be an obstacle between you and your dream puppy. As seasoned breeders, our expertise and knowledge stand as a testament to our commitment. Trust us to ship your puppy safely to your desired location.

Happy families who chose our in cabin nanny services