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Meet our delightful English Bulldog Puppies, all set to find their forever homes with excitement and love. Each pup has its own endearing personality and irresistible charm.

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English Bulldogs Breeders

Exciting news for those in Florida! We’re thrilled to announce that we have English Bulldog Puppies available for adoption. As dedicated breeders, we’ve observed a rising interest from families in Florida. Our main goal is to raise Bulldogs that are not just healthy, but also ideal companions for an active Florida lifestyle.

For years, families in Florida have relied on our breeding program, recognizing that our Bulldogs excel in various environments. Whether it’s strolling along beachside promenades, navigating urban streets, or enjoying indoor relaxation, our Bulldogs adapt well to Florida’s diverse landscape.

Why adopt WB English Bulldogs?

Healthy English Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Moreover, our English and French Bulldog puppies come fully vaccinated, dewormed, and health-checked, ensuring their genetic robustness. Raised in a nurturing family setting, they're loving and destined to become your devoted lifelong companion.

Warranty Commitment

Our English Bulldog puppies are accompanied by a 12-month health guarantee, which mandates a veterinary examination within two days of adoption. Certain conditions may not fall under this coverage. For a comprehensive understanding of our warranty terms, please click here. For further inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at 972-345-5676 via call or text.

Vaccionations & Deworming up to date

As devoted English Bulldog breeders, we place utmost importance on the health and welfare of our puppies. Every pup in our care undergoes meticulous vaccinations and deworming treatments according to schedule, guaranteeing their protection and wellness. Our steadfast dedication to their well-being lays the foundation for a lively and flourishing life ahead.

Travel Nanny Services (Optional)

As seasoned breeders at WB English Bulldogs, we recognize the significance of secure transportation for your English Bulldog puppy. Hence, we provide the choice to coordinate a professional cabin nanny service, with expenses covered by you. This guarantees your puppy receives exceptional care and attention throughout the journey, offering you reassurance knowing they're under capable supervision.

British Bulldogs Breeder in Dallas since 1998

In Miami, our priority at WB English Bulldogs remains consistent: to match our puppies with homes that value outstanding conformation, robust health, and exceptional temperament. Since 1998, we've committed ourselves to expertly raising Bulldogs, maintaining our esteemed reputation as one of Miami's premier English Bulldog breeders.

Microchip ID (Optional)

We're thrilled to offer an advanced and highly secure pet identification solution for your cherished companion. This method surpasses traditional pet tags, providing enhanced safety and effectiveness. By investing in this technology, you guarantee that your pet is always readily identifiable and well-protected, granting you peace of mind.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the average lifespan of an English Bulldog?

The average lifespan of an English Bulldog typically ranges from 8 to 12 years. However, individual lifespans can vary based on factors such as genetics, overall health, diet, exercise, and quality of care. Providing proper veterinary care, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a loving environment can contribute to maximizing their lifespan and overall well-being.

Are English Bulldogs suitable for apartment living in Florida?

Yes, English Bulldogs can adapt well to apartment living in Florida. They tend to be low-energy dogs and enjoy spending time indoors, which makes them suitable companions for apartment living. However, it’s important to note that they still need regular walks and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

How much exercise do English Bulldogs need?

English Bulldogs have moderate exercise requirements. Daily walks and some playtime in a fenced yard are typically adequate for them. However, they are prone to obesity, so it’s crucial to monitor both their activity levels and diet carefully to prevent weight gain.

What our adopting families say about us….

In short, don’t hesitate for a minute. I’ve known Cesar and Nina for more than 13 years, have been blessed with my four bulldog babies because of them and have even flown to Dallas from Minneapolis twice in the last 6 months to get our two most recent pups because we trust them so dearly. Regarding WB puppies’ disposition and health (in our experience) — our first two girls each had the wildest most delightful and different personalities and our first warmed our lives for a month shy of 13 years and our second baby a month shy of 11 years. Regarding health, we are very lucky to live only 20 minutes from an animal hospital recognized throughout the Midwest, and that just so happens to specialize in bulldogs. Our primary veterinarian, other doctors, technicians, and more have commented many times over the last 12 years about how healthy and happy the girls were. I can’t express how much this means coming from this facility and these experts that prize themselves on the unique needs, strengths, frustrations and joys of raising bulldogs. As far as customer service, I can assure you I am not the easiest client (right, Cesat y Nina?? ??). I am forever calling and texting to know more about pups, to get pictures and details of their parents, and baby pictures plus videos of them before we get them… And they always rise to the occasion. This last time we had our heart set on a little boy, but I had already committed to a client in Philadelphia for the week after we found him. Nina and Cesar were most generous in agreeing to keep our baby for an additional week until I could be home with him after my trip. Not to mention, despite a number of attempts asking to repay them for their time and any associated costs for their care for our pup for over a full week, they refused. In my experience over the last 13 years and now with our third and fourth babies, WB Bulldogs as a breeder, as individuals, and for the babies they give to their clients, are of the highest integrity and quality.. Please feel free to reach out to Cesar or Nina for my contact information if would like to hear about my personal experience with them or our beautiful pups. ?????

Lindsey Lynch Avatar Lindsey Lynch
November 3, 2022

We bought a frenchie from WB English Bulldogs a few weeks ago, Nina was so helpful with how to care for our lil guy…tank is a great puppy, we’d definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a frenchie or an English bulldog!

Tracey Avatar Tracey
November 3, 2022

We are soooo in Love with our bully girls. We went from wanting one bully to getting 3 babies ? The girls are healthy and happy and full of energy and keep us on our toes. I would highly recommend this breeder. ?

Angel Pruett Avatar Angel Pruett
November 3, 2022

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