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English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in New York

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Introducing our charming English Bulldog Puppies, eagerly seeking affectionate families to call their own. Each pup boasts unique personalities and captivating physical features.

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English Bulldogs Breeders

Exciting update for New Yorkers! We’re delighted to offer English Bulldog Puppies for adoption. We’ve noticed a growing interest from families in New York and aim to raise Bulldogs that are both healthy and perfect companions for the active New York lifestyle. Families have trusted our breeding program for years, knowing our Bulldogs thrive in diverse environments, be it city streets, beachside walks, or indoor relaxation.

Why adopt WB English Bulldogs?

We offer healthy English Bulldog puppies for sale.

Additionally, our English Bulldog puppies are fully vaccinated, dewormed, and health-checked, guaranteeing their genetic robustness. Raised in a caring family environment, they're affectionate and destined to be your loyal lifelong companion.

Warranty Commitment

Our English Bulldog puppies come with a 12-month health guarantee, requiring a veterinary examination within two days of adoption. Certain conditions may not be covered under this guarantee. For a detailed explanation of our warranty terms, please click here. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at 972-345-5676 via call or text.

Vaccionations & Deworming up to date

As dedicated English Bulldog breeders, we prioritize the health and welfare of our puppies above all else. Each pup receives meticulous vaccinations and deworming treatments on schedule to ensure their protection and wellness. Our unwavering commitment to their well-being sets the stage for a vibrant and thriving life ahead.

Travel Nanny Services (Optional)

At WB English Bulldogs, we understand the importance of safe transportation for your English Bulldog puppy. That's why we offer the option to arrange a professional cabin nanny service at your expense. This ensures your puppy receives top-notch care and attention during transit, giving you peace of mind knowing they're in capable hands.

British Bulldogs Breeder in Dallas since 1998

In Miami, WB English Bulldogs maintains its steadfast commitment: to connect our puppies with homes that prioritize exceptional conformation, robust health, and exceptional temperament. Since 1998, we've dedicated ourselves to expertly raising Bulldogs, upholding our esteemed reputation as one of the best English Bulldog breeders.

Microchip ID (Optional)

We're excited to provide an advanced and highly secure pet identification solution for your beloved companion. This innovative method goes beyond traditional pet tags, offering enhanced safety and effectiveness. By investing in this technology, you ensure that your pet is always easily identifiable and well-protected, giving you peace of mind.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the average lifespan of an English Bulldog?

The average lifespan of an English Bulldog generally falls between 8 to 12 years. However, individual lifespans may vary depending on factors like genetics, overall health, diet, exercise, and the quality of care provided. Ensuring proper veterinary attention, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a nurturing environment can help maximize their lifespan and overall well-being.

Are English Bulldogs suitable for apartment living in New York?

Indeed, English Bulldogs can adapt well to apartment living in New York. With their low-energy nature, they often prefer indoor relaxation, making them ideal companions for apartment dwellers. However, it’s essential to remember that they still require regular walks and mental stimulation to ensure their happiness and health.

What are the typical health concerns for English Bulldogs in urban New York?

Health concerns for English Bulldogs in urban New York often include respiratory issues due to pollution and skin problems from environmental allergens. Regular veterinary check-ups and a clean living environment can help manage these issues effectively.

What our adopting families say about us….

We bought a frenchie from WB English Bulldogs a few weeks ago, Nina was so helpful with how to care for our lil guy…tank is a great puppy, we’d definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a frenchie or an English bulldog!

Tracey Avatar Tracey
November 3, 2022

WB bulldogs does not disappoint! I was very nervous ordering a puppy on a website and having a puppy flown. They worked with all my questions and concerns and had a in cabin nanny with my puppy. I am in love thank you so much for my baby boy

Shannon Skalla Avatar Shannon Skalla
May 3, 2023

We are so in love with our new bully! We put 2+ years of family debate, decision, and research into getting an English bulldog! One thing that stood out over the two years of looking and deciding was WB English bulldogs! They had such great reviews and a long history of breeding and so far it seems to be paying off. Our little guy has such a sweet personality. We are so in love and it’s only been two days!!!! Nina and CJ were on top of communicating and so easy and free with the time they spent answer our questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Melinda Wallace Avatar Melinda Wallace
February 3, 2023

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