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English Bulldogs Breeders

Exciting update for Californians – we’ve got English Bulldog Puppies up for adoption! As passionate breeders, we’ve noticed a growing demand from families in California. Our priority is to raise Bulldogs that are not only healthy but also perfect companions for an active lifestyle.

For years, Californian families have trusted our breeding program, knowing our Bulldogs thrive in diverse environments. Whether it’s exploring city streets, hiking through picturesque landscapes, or relaxing indoors, our Bulldogs are adaptable to California’s varied terrain.

Why adopt WB English Bulldogs?

Healthy English Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Furthermore, our English and French Bulldog puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, and health-checked, guaranteeing their genetic soundness. Raised in a loving family environment, they're affectionate and destined to be your loyal lifelong friend.

Warranty Commitment

Our English Bulldog puppies come with a 12-month health guarantee, requiring a vet check within two days of adoption. Some conditions may not be covered. For a detailed explanation of our warranty, click here. For more information, contact us at 972-345-5676 via call or text.

Vaccionations & Deworming up to date

As dedicated English Bulldog breeders, we prioritize the health and well-being of our puppies. Each pup entrusted to us receives thorough vaccinations and deworming treatments on schedule, ensuring they stay protected and healthy. Our unwavering commitment to their well-being sets the stage for a vibrant and thriving life ahead.

Travel Nanny Services (Optional)

As experienced breeders at WB English Bulldogs, we understand the importance of safe transportation for your English Bulldog puppy. That's why we offer the option to arrange a professional cabin nanny service at your expense. This ensures your puppy receives top-notch care and attention during transit, giving you peace of mind knowing they're in capable hands.

British Bulldogs Breeder in Dallas since 1998

At WB English Bulldogs, we prioritize finding homes for puppies with excellent conformation, robust health, and exceptional temperament. Since 1998, we've been devoted to professionally raising Bulldogs, and today, we proudly maintain our reputation as one of Washington's premier English Bulldog breeders.

Microchip ID (Optional)

We're delighted to provide an advanced and highly secure form of identification for your beloved pet. This method goes beyond standard pet tags, offering superior safety and effectiveness. Investing in this technology ensures your pet is always easily identifiable and well-protected, giving you peace of mind.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the average lifespan of an English Bulldog?

The average lifespan of an English Bulldog typically ranges from 8 to 10 years. Proper diet, exercise, and regular veterinary care can contribute to a longer and healthier life for your Bulldog.

Are English Bulldogs suitable for apartment living in California?

Yes, English Bulldogs can adapt well to apartment living in California. They are generally low-energy dogs that enjoy lounging indoors, making them suitable companions for apartment dwellers. However, they still require daily walks and mental stimulation.

How much exercise do English Bulldogs need?

English Bulldogs have moderate exercise needs. Daily walks and some playtime in a fenced yard are usually sufficient. However, they are prone to obesity, so it’s essential to monitor their activity levels and diet to prevent weight gain.

What are the common health issues faced by English Bulldogs, and how can they be prevented?

Common health issues in English Bulldogs include respiratory problems, hip dysplasia, skin infections, and allergies. Regular vet check-ups, maintaining a healthy weight, proper grooming, and avoiding overexertion in hot weather can help prevent some of these issues.

Are English Bulldogs good with children and other pets?

English Bulldogs are known for their gentle and affectionate nature, making them excellent companions for children. They also tend to get along well with other pets, especially if they are properly socialized from a young age.

How should I groom and care for my English Bulldog's wrinkles and skin folds?

Regular cleaning and drying of the wrinkles and skin folds are essential to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to skin infections. Use a mild, vet-approved cleanser and ensure thorough drying after cleaning. Regular grooming, including brushing and nail trimming, is also necessary.

What should I consider when selecting a reputable breeder or adopting an English Bulldog in California?

When selecting a breeder or adopting an English Bulldog in California, consider factors such as health screenings for the parents, socialization of the puppies, living conditions, and the breeder’s reputation. It’s crucial to choose a breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of the dogs. Additionally, consider adoption from shelters or rescue organizations to give a loving home to a Bulldog in need.

What our adopting families say about us….

We purchased our 2nd puppy from WB on Sunday!! Easy transaction and beautiful puppies!!

Jason Rowe Avatar Jason Rowe
February 3, 2023

Absolutely in LOVE with our baby girl, WB bulldogs were so easy to communicate with and went above and beyond to make sure all our questions were answered. Definitely won’t be the last Bulldog we get from them!

Rebecca M. Avatar Rebecca M.
September 3, 2023


Andrew's Vlog Avatar Andrew’s Vlog
November 3, 2022

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