As professional breeders, we always strive to produce English bulldog puppies and French bulldog puppies meeting the breed standards, with good conformation, and with the best possible health. We do this by only selecting great studs and dams that will let us believe they will produce healthy babies for loving families to enjoy… But please remember that we are working with live animals, that may develop illnesses common to the breed, viral infections that can be found anywhere in the environment, and even sometimes congenital illnesses that may have been present in either bloodline several generations back. For this reason and for your peace of mind; WB English bulldogs offers a one-year limited health warranty at no additional cost to you, BUT you MUST comply with simple conditions that we believe will preserve the overall health of your new English bulldog or French bulldog puppy.

(1) We ask all families to please take their new bulldog puppy to a licensed veterinarian within two (2) business days of receiving the puppy. (If you receive your new baby bulldog on a Friday, you will have until the end of the following Tuesday to visit the veterinarian for a wellness exam to confirm the puppy is fit for sale and fit to join a new family as their new pet. If your puppy, in the opinion of the veterinarian, has any physical problems considered to be life-threatening, we will provide you with a healthy replacement puppy of the same value. If there are no puppies available, one will be provided from our next available litter. (Should you select a puppy with a higher price, you will be responsible for the difference)

(2) Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions the puppies come in contact with; and the fact that all puppies have immune systems that take time to mature, we ask you to please keep your new English bulldog or French bulldog under a premium diet (We recommend Barf or Premium kibble), an (optional) “natural” multivitamins or immune system builder, as directed by the manufacturer.

WB English bulldogs IS NOT responsible for any veterinarian expenses.

To make a claim, you must return the puppy back to our home in Dallas, TX within four (4) days of receiving the puppy. Also, include a signed statement from the veterinarian providing the date of the examination and an explanation as to why the puppy’s health is at risk. The statement must include a description of the symptoms supporting the opinion of the veterinarian. Depending on the findings, we as breeders have the right to request a second opinion from an un-associated veterinarian.

Shipping/ Travel Nanny Service Fees are paid directly to the nanny and ARE NOT refundable.
(This is an option for our clients who would like us to set up a In Flight Travel Nanny that will hand-deliver their new English bulldog or French bulldog puppy at their closest major airport) WB English bulldogs does not profit from this option.

If the puppy dies of a birth defect within one year of the time of purchase, WB English bulldogs will provide you with a replacement puppy. You can make a claim only if you have kept the puppy under the care of a licensed veterinarian. This must include all vaccinations and dewormers recommended by the veterinarian. You must also provide a signed statement from your veterinarian including the cause of death and a copy of ALL of your puppy’s health records. Failure to have the puppy examined within two (2) business days from receiving your new English bulldog pup, VOIDS THIS WARRANTY. Under no condition a replacement puppy will be granted, if we are not informed of the illness diagnosis before treatment, or if the puppy is euthanized “put to sleep” without our permission.

Our one year limited health warranty DOES NOT cover the following: alopecia, hypoglycemia, cherry eye, entropion, giardia, internal/external parasites, coccidia (coccidiosis), bordetella or kennel cough, parvovirus, distemper virus, allergies, viral/bacterial infections, mites, fleas, ticks. ALL types of mange, (collapsing trachea, tracheal hypoplasia, elongated soft pallet, stenotic nares “English and French bulldogs are brachycephalic breeds”) hernias, non-descending testicles, prolapsed urethra, open fontanels, hip dysplasia, physical problems which is or could be the result of an injury or any other disease or health condition that is treatable.

There is no guarantee your puppy can be shown or bred.

Your new English bulldog or French bulldog comes to you as a family pet
WB English bulldogs has Elite Quality English bulldog puppies available on this website as family pets. Registration application is available to our clients upon request, in which case the price of the puppy will be higher.

There is no guarantee on the color or size of the puppy now, or as an adult. WB English bulldogs will not be held responsible for any costs accrued after the sale.


The deposit amount of $500 to reserve one of our English bulldog puppies is NON-REFUNDABLE.

(If you have further questions about our one-year limited health warranty or terms and conditions; please call us at 972-345-5676 before you purchase one of our puppies)