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Best Way to Clean Bulldog Wrinkles

One of the lovable characteristics of the English bulldog breed is the wrinkles they have. And part of the love we give them includes cleaning between those wrinkles as well as their tail pocket to avoid any infections. We will teach you the best way to clean bulldog wrinkles!

Photo by Chris Shafer from Pexels

A lot of our clients have told us that while doing the research on the English bulldog breed, they found out that English bulldogs have a lot of skin issues. They are known to be common among the English bulldog breed. But owning an English bulldog puppy does not necessarily mean that you will experience these issues. English Bulldogs are very popular for their cute looks. One of the reasons for this is their wrinkles. Even though English bulldogs are considered to be low maintenance as far as grooming concerns, one way to show them our love is to maintain those wrinkles clean. Skin fold in English bulldogs are a perfect place for fungus and yeast to accumulate, grown, and multiply. Often cleaning will prevent this from happening.

Cleaning Frequency:

It really depends on your English bulldog and the lifestyle they have. If your dog is mostly inside and has little or no contacts with water or dirt, then the care should be less. But If they have access to water and like to get wet, that’s another story. Then the chances of moisture accumulating between the wrinkles are higher. When this happens, this moisture will become a fungus and then an infected area if left untreated. We usually recommend cleaning the folds as well as tail pocket about 3 times a week. We believe by doing this, you will prevent any accumulation of yeast that will start to infect those areas. Plus, just leaving that moisture set will produce a smell that will prevent you from cuddle with your best pal.

If you are one of the people that thinks English bulldogs are stinky creatures, let us tell you that they are not. All they need is for you to take a little of your time to make sure all of his fold and coat are as fleas as a whistle.

How to maintain the wrinkles clean?

This is probably the easiest part. If you take a couple of minutes to do so, you have completed most of the work. You can use unscented baby wipes, cotton balls, sterile eye wash, corn starch among some other products to keep these areas clean and dry.
BE CAREFUL. Never use alcohol or peroxide, since this will be too strong on your English bulldog skin and will irritate the area, causing pain and damage to the skin tissue.

How to clean my English bulldog wrinkles?

A frequent question we get from our clients before they adopt one of our English bulldog puppies has to do with the care necessary to avoid skin infections, specially between the wrinkles and tail pocket.

Also, do not confuse corn starch with baby powder or other talcum, that actually contain chemicals that will harm the skin.
If you have any questions about cleaning your English bulldog puppy and how to maintain the folds clean; please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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