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8 Interesting Facts About English Bulldogs You Didn’t Know About.

Eager to know more facts about english bulldogs? The British Bulldog is another name for the English Bulldog, which is one of the most widely recognized breeds. As the name implies, this breed originated in England as a descendent of the combat Mastiffs introduced to the area by the Romans. Bull-baiting, a practice or “sport” that was formally forbidden in 1835, was practiced with the progenitors of today’s Bulldogs. The English Bulldog is a popular breed among pet parents nowadays because of its affable and lovable demeanor.

Their slobbery cheeks and wrinkled skin make them even cuter. However, Bulldogs were not always this way. Here are some intriguing facts about english bulldogs that you may not be aware of:

1) Bulldogs Don’t Require Much Exercise. ?

Bulldogs are terrific companions that don’t require a lot of activity to keep them happy, so if you live a laid-back lifestyle, this would be your ideal dog!

2) Ranks in top 5 Most Popular AKC Dog Breeds. ?

In the United States, the English Bulldog is the fourth most popular AKC dog breed. The AKC formally recognized it in 1886. Despite its tragic roots, the AKC describe contemporary Bulldogs as “calm, kind, and courageous.”

3) Bulldogs are Guiness World Record Breakers! ?

Otto, a Bulldog, achieved the Guinness record for the longest human tunnel traversed through by a skateboarding dog in 2015. To the joy of the audience that had gathered to see him, Otto rolled through the legs of 30 people. Otto’s owners were motivated to obtain a Bulldog after seeing films of another Bulldog world record holder, Tillman, who was formerly the fastest dog skateboarder in the world.

4) Bulldog Ancestors Fought Bulls. ?

The Bulldog got its name from the, so called, “sport” of bull baiting, which entailed tethering a bull to a stake in the ground and urging dogs to try to bite the bull’s nose. Because of their fierce and fearless attitude, bulldogs were well-suited for this sport. Breeders back in the day, developed the dogs with huge, strong heads and loose skin in order for them to recover from an assault and continue fighting.

5) The Origins of Their Wrinkles. ?

The Bulldog was bred with loose skin so that it could fight even when being gripped by a competitor’s jaws. We now enjoy those wrinkles since they’re gorgeous, but they have to stay clean to avoid infection. Learn more about how to take care of your english bulldog’s wrinkles in this article.

6) The Breed Almost Became Extinct! ?

The adoption of the Cruelty to Animals Act 1835 in England resulted in a fall in bull-baiting and dog fighting, resulting in a lack of interest in preserving the Old English Bulldog, yet some Bulldog enthusiasts did not want to see the breed die out. Bulldog breeders succeeded in eliminating the breed’s viciousness so that these dogs could be kept as pets.

7) Be Careful Around Water! ?‍♂️

If you put a Bulldog in the water without a canine life jacket, he will get into danger. Even though he is just 16 inches tall, he may weigh 50 pounds. His tiny legs and small hindquarters are incapable of keeping his thick torso and his huge head above the water. They can swim, with proper protection but it’s advisable to keep a watch on them in case they go under.

8) They’re a Brachycephalic Breed. ?

This breed of dog frequently suffers from breathing/airway obstruction syndrome. English Bulldogs with this disease may breathe loudly, snort and snuffle. Is preferrable to take your brachycephalic pet to the veterinarian sooner rather than later. therefore at the time of a dog’s spay/neuter is frequently a good beginning point.

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